Multi-Skills is a good introduction to sport for Reception and Key Stage 1 children giving them the fundamentals skills for future sporting activities, concentrating on their A(agility), B(balance), & C(co-ordination) along the way.

It is a fantastic insight and learning curve into sport.  From a very early age specifically in Reception and Key Stage 1 each child needs to practice and be familiar with their A,B,C's (Agility, Balance & Co-Ordination).  Through Sweeney's Multi-Sports we understand each child will progress at different levels, therefore we plan a programme around these individual needs concentrating on the following areas:

Hand to eye Co-Ordination

Bouncing, throwing, dribbling & catching various balls - Hoop in the middle of the room with various objects placed in it (balls, beanbags etc…) 4 hoops set around the room and the children placed in 4 teams.  Each child makes their way to the middle using different techniques - hopping, jumping, running and crawling then places the ball back in their hoop.  Progression will be to steal from the other team's hoops using their initiative.

Our Outcome in line with the National Curriculum

Our Coaches aim from the session is to to assess hand to eye co-ordination of each child.  Looking at the FUNdamentals such as the starting position, body shape, timing, reaction and decision making.  We are looking at the way each child adapts to different movements such as jumping or crawling.  Also, assess the communication/teamwork within the group and to advise on any improvements accordingly.

SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness)

Movement patterns in & out of cones/hurdles/ladders. Changing direction on various shouts from both feet with progression to 1 foot.  Hopping, twisting, jumping & turning looking at body position, posture, mechanics & shape. SAQ plays a vital part in sport and this session gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves using various fundamental movements.  Balls will be introduced as a progression to bring SAQ into sport related games.

Our Outcome in line with the National Curriculum

To assess each childs awareness of change of pace and the agility needed to do so.  Using both feet or 1 foot to change the direction of various movement patterns.  Also, look at the versatility of each child and the co-ordination involved when working as quickly as possible.  In this session we are giving them ownership as it will be their ideas that drive the outcome. Each child must work on their toes with high knees at times to get the desired results.


Human pinball - Mats on the floor with 2 teams on their fronts opposite each other.  The aim is to hit the ball using hands/arms past the other team.  Using a balance board/pogo ball, can you stay on for 1 minute without falling off.  Hopping between hoops then changing foot on the way back.  Ball out in front of 2 players who push against each other to try and knock their opponent off balance.  Backs to each other with arms hooked around so that you link using ways to out smart your opponent.  Follow the leader, hopping, squatting, bouncing and moving to keep in time with your partner.

Our Outcome in line with the National Curriculum

To make each child aware of the importance of balance as a FUNdamental skill from a very early age.  Using the exercises in the sessions this will enhance their knowledge and ability but in a fun environment.  Looking at how they switch from one foot to another and back, plus the key factors involved.  Concentration is key to success.  They will understand Balance is not only on your feet but other parts of the body also.

Fitness stations in a very fun environment

Jumbo playing cards game - All the cards in the middle of the area face down.  Each child picks a card and makes their way to the relevant station doing the number of reps on the card.  For example if it's the 7 of Hearts they make their way to the Hearts station which is either star jumps, bench bounces, skipping, squats or sit ups, fulfilling the requirement.  The children will decide how they identify each station progressing to bringing in jokers and face card exercises.

Our Outcome in line with the National Curriculum

Looking at each child's reaction to fitness work in a relaxed and fun environment.  To see how much effort they put in to each activity when working for a short space of time.  Key Factors - Concentration, awareness, multi-directional movements and agility.  Children will find this session lots of fun but most importantly it ticks all the A(Agility) B(Balance) C's(Co-ordination) boxes!