Meet the Coaches

Damian Sweeney

As a former Blackburn Rovers coach and footballer, and current Coach for Manchester United, sport has always been a huge part of my life.  I love teaching children new skills and sharing experience aswell as giving them the chances I had when I was younger and watching them gain confidence and develop.  I have achieved qualifications over the years in Multi-Skills and various sports, such as Level 2's and 3's in SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) Football, Cricket, Dodgeball, Handball, Rugby, Basketball, Frisbee, Hockey and Athletics.

Nick Wilkinson

I finished my degree in 2012 in Sports Coaching but have always coached part time and have gained excellent experience this way.  I joined Sweeney’s Multi-Sports in September and am thoroughly enjoying the challenges each day brings.  I like setting  children individual and team goals and seeing the smile on their faces when they achieve these.  Over the years I have gained sporting qualifications in Football, Handball, Basketball, Frisbee, Tri-Golf, Multi-Skills and Gymnastics.  I also achieved a triple grade distinction BTEC in sport.

Rob Svarc

I have coached football for 8 years but went into coaching all different sports 4 years ago and have found many of the sessions I deliver are transferable.  Teaching is fun and rewarding especially when you see first-hand the children developing the skills you have taught them.  You always have to think on your feet and be ready to adapt sessions to each child's needs.My sporting qualifications boast Multi-Skills, SAQ, Tag-Rugby, Athletics, Handball, Dodgeball, cricket and of course football.

Joe Walmseley

I just love to dance and the feeling it gives you when you successfully complete a routine you have been practicing for a long time.  I also love to share my ideas and teach children the breakdance and hip hop moves I have learnt over the years.  The confidence and self-esteem it builds in every child is clear to see and the strength and endurance you gain is great.  I have my full teachers qualification which means I can put children through their grades and enter them into competitions.

Leah Hoyle

Leah has danced from the age of 3 at various dance schools and is currently attending Phil Winston’s Theatre Works in order to become a professional and versatile dancer. She is being trained by a highly dedicated and professionally qualified team which work to focus on individual development. She has worked professionally as a ‘Show Girl’ In Cairo (Egypt), as a tribute to ‘The Ratpack’ and Las Vegas show alongside other work in the performing industry. She has won numerous awards for her dancing over the years including various positions of 1st – 7th at the Blackpool Winter Gardens UKA Scholarships. Her intentions when teaching dance are of performance and projecting personality.

Jonny Waterworth

When I completed my degree in Sport I decided to further my experience and knowledge by coaching all sports in Canada.  I found this really beneficial seeing how different cultures learn new skills and adapt them in sport.  My qualifications include Level 1’s and 2’s in football, cricket, basketball, frisbee, dodgeball and rugby.