Breakdance, street, cheer and ballet gives children of all ages the opportunity to express themselves through music developing self-confidence and social skills along the way.

  • Ballet

    In our classes we try to encourage children to take part in Ballet lessons as it's a core technique for all dance styles.  Ballet can develop self-confidence in young girls and boys.  This is due to ballet teaching grace, poise, self discipline and self-esteem.  It is something anyone can learn from any age.  Not only do you use all aspects of the body in ballet, acting skills are taught too, which is also a way of improving social skills.  Ballet is a wonderful art form conveying beauty in a dancer which is welcome to anybody.

  • Breakdancing

    If you like a challenge and love to dance then Breakdancing is for you.  It builds your confidence and self-esteem that will make you want to try different moves.  Be creative through your top rock and footwork, make friends but most of all have lots of FUN! Not only does Breakdancing work on your fitness and give you lots of strength, it also helps your agility, balance and co-ordination.  Breakdance puts a smile and parents, teachers and most importantly children's faces.

  • Street Cheer

    This is a brand new element of cheerleading, a unique fusion of breakdance and cheerleading moves.  You'll find the funkiest up to date dance moves combined with Cheerleading chants and cheers.  Ultimately, it brings a fresh and interesting twist to both the street dance style and to traditional cheerleading.